The European Organization for Gaming Law (EOGL)

The European Organization for Gaming Law (EOGL) is the Brussels – nonprofit organization which represents European gaming and betting operators, licensed and regulated with EU law.

EOGL works with national and international gaming experts, decision-makers, governmental institutions and nongovernmental organizations with the aim to promote and improve the best regulatory gaming and betting practice.

We are performing activities that support the functioning of the European market, without internal borders or unprincipled monopoly, where the competition is free and undisturbed. EOGL actively works to ensure that the services based upon the authorization of one country can be offered to consumers in all countries of the European Union.

In dialogue with the national and EU authorities, EOGL will promote principles of fair, reasonable and justified taxation in games of chance, with no privileged and unprincipled exceptions for any of betting or gaming types. The Law in game of chance must define all taxes and fees that operators should pay.

EOGL promotes the development of a safe and reliable European gaming environment for all kind of players. Our organization developed the project “It is possible to quit“. The essence of the project is training of all employees who come into contact with the players in recognizing first symptoms of gambling addiction. Our Members and their employees provide to the players information’s about problem gambling issues. A well-functioning safe environment for players in European market requires regulation that provides a high level of consumer’s protection and takes into account the reality of the Internet driven economy and expectations of consumers.